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How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

If you are planning on getting plastic surgery, you have certain decisions to make. Though a lot of people spend so much time thinking about the operation and the possible results, there is something way more important to look into: the plastic surgeon. Not all physicians are qualified or experienced to perform every procedure, and selecting the right plastic surgeon goes beyond getting a referral. Here are the top three points to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon:

Professional Expertise

, a plastic surgeon must be certified by no less than the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgery is such a complex and advanced specialty that is only acquired through many years of education and training. Board certification also helps you ensure that a physician will come up to safety standards and is medically skilled, yet that it is only the start. Try asking the surgeon regarding his professional involvement in teaching, writing or speaking about the surgery you are planning, and you will find out whether or not he is updated with new techniques and technology.

Procedure-Specific Experience

Besides the right training and education, your surgeon needs experience with the exact type of surgery you plan to get. Surgeons may have more than one procedure as his specialty, but your planned procedure has to be within his “top three.”

As a rule of thumb, he must have been performing this procedure no less than once per week over the last five years or more. Plastic surgery is quite a difficult art and the surgeon has to practice all the time to maintain quality in the outcome. After doing a number of procedures within the last few years, he can give you peace of mind in terms of his skills and abilities.

Impressive Results

When people think of plastic surgery, they often only think about results, not realizing that plastic surgeries don’t always have a happy ending. If you have made sure that your prospective surgeon has the required expertise and experience, you are certainly on track, but make sure this surgeon can provide exceptional results too. In most cases, plastic surgeons will have a file of “before and after” photos, and you need to examine them.

By considering the above, you have covered the physical aspect of your plastic surgery, but you have more out there. Go with a plastic surgeon who is personable as well. A good plastic surgeon and a great one often differ by the way they deal wtih patients. There are at least two things to be considered when it comes to this.

First off, the surgeon must actually care about your feelings and general wellness, and you should feel it. Secondly, he should communicate well with you so you can feel comfortable all throughout the experience, from preparation to aftercare.

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